TradingView on the Quotex platform

The main differences between the standard live chart and the chart on TradingView include:

  • Limited Indicators: The standard live chart has a limited number of indicators, constituting only 5-7% of those offered on
  • Inability to Save Settings: On the standard live chart, settings cannot be saved, requiring users to re-enter them after each page reload. This limitation is absent in the full version of TradingView, which users can access by clicking on the TradingView link directly from the live chart.

Getting Started:

The first step in using TradingView is registration, which grants access to all platform features. The registration process is simple and only requires an email, username, and password, with the option to register via social networks.

Features of the TradingView Chart:

The TradingView chart features advertisements on its surface, which is its only downside. While ads can be closed, they will periodically reappear. Complete removal of ads is possible through a paid subscription.

Saving Indicator Settings:

After adding and configuring indicators on the chart, users can save these settings using the cloud-shaped button with an arrow pointing upwards. In the pop-up window, users are prompted to name the saved set of settings. The system allows for saving indicators, strategies, graphical elements, selected assets, and the chart's time frame.

Trading Ideas:

For registered users, trading ideas are available, displayed as light bulb icons on the chart. These represent traders' opinions on the future behavior of specific assets. Users can view, comment on these ideas, and even submit their own.


TradingView offers extensive capabilities, including a wide range of indicators, strategy tester, settings saving feature, trading ideas, and more. The main downside is the presence of advertisements, which can be eliminated with a paid subscription. If saving indicator settings is critical for you, TradingView would be the optimal choice. Otherwise, the standard live chart, providing all necessary tools for analysis and trading, may suffice.

Quotex Reviews

May 27, 2024
Good platform
Not long ago came on the platform, I thought another scam (but for those who do not understand the market, trading and price behavior) but no, well enough raise, those who think that it is a scam those just do not understand how to work on it). Personally, I like the platform, and I'm not going to leave it
May 14, 2024
Not a bad affiliate program
Comparatively short withdrawal time, normal support on the site, which can explain or help. License, however, there is no, they promise and still no way, but otherwise Quotex is normal, although not particularly promoted. I recommend it also for not a bad affiliate.
May 6th, 2024
I have been cooperating with the broker for 2 years
I didn't even know that QUOTEX broker is quite young. And not so long ago on the binary options market. I have been cooperating with it for almost two years. I didn't trust it very much at first. I had been screwed by one "broker" for 200$ before. I started trading with QUOTEX for small things and tried to withdraw money a couple of times. It turned out that everything was fine. That is why I have been trading on QUOTEX platform for more than a year now with deals starting from 100$.
Apr. 30, 2024
Interesting broker
The broker is good, a lot of tools for trading.... I'm satisfied. In addition, the time frame is 5 sec. many do not know how to trade on it. but learn.
Apr. 17, 2024
Just what I was looking for
I have always wanted to find a more comfortable and convenient trading platform, and now I think I have found it.
Apr. 4, 2024
Super cool
Quotex has surpassed all my anticipations. Although I am a novice in options trading, their demo account facilitated my rapid grasp of the fundamentals, allowing me to transition to actual trading successfully. I am extremely content with the high trade profitability of up to 95%, which is truly remarkable. The round-the-clock support and dedicated personal manager deserve special acknowledgment for their convenience and utility!
Apr. 3, 2024
A little short of perfect.
Overall, I am satisfied with working with Quotex. The platform is intuitive, a lot of useful tools and good trading conditions. The only thing I don't like is the limited selection of cryptocurrencies. If they added more options for crypto, it would be perfect. Otherwise, a great broker for beginners and experienced traders.
Mar. 29, 2024
It's a godsend
Quotex has exceeded all my expectations. I am new to options trading, but thanks to their demo account, I quickly learnt the basics and started making real money. Very happy with the profitability of trades, reaching 95% - that's impressive. Special thanks for the 24/7 support and personal manager, it's really convenient and useful!
Mar. 21, 2024
Best broker
I have been using Quotex for six months now and it has been my best choice in the world of options trading! I am impressed by the simplicity of the interface and the variety of tools. I made a minimum deposit and I already have decent results. The support team is always on the phone, they help me promptly. I recommend to everyone who wants to start safely and effectively!
Feb. 25, 2024
For those looking for reliability
I recently started working with Quotex broker and have already managed to appreciate its reliability and ease of use. I was particularly impressed by the fast withdrawal of funds - sometimes in just 5 minutes, which was a pleasant surprise for me. The registration process is simple, and the design of the platform is concise and practical, without unnecessary elements. Quotex offers high payout percentages on assets, which makes trading here especially profitable. I should add that two-factor authorization for account protection is a big plus in terms of security. All in all, Quotex is a great choice for trading and I recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and profitable broker.