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We have designed the interface to be simple and user-friendly so that nothing distracts you from the trading process

Free signals

Approach strategy thoughtfully - use our latest and 87% accurate signals to develop your unique successful strategy

Accurate indicators

We have selected the most effective indicators for trading. Apply them to increase the amount on your account

High speed

Our service utilizes advanced technology, guaranteeing high speed of work.
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Frequent questions

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What are binary options?
A binary option is a financial instrument that provides investors with an opportunity to make money on a variety of market assets. It involves entering into a contract to purchase an asset with predetermined conditions: expiration date, expected profit and expected price of the asset. To use an option, you must select an asset, determine its duration and predict the change in value - whether the price will rise or fall during this period. If the forecast is accurate, the investor has a chance to earn between 70-80% of the investment amount.
Why buy binary options?
The desire to achieve financial wealth and independence is natural for everyone. Binary options create opportunities to realize this goal by offering paths to financial freedom.
How much can you earn on binary options?
If your prediction turns out to be correct, the profit will be 70-80%. For example, investing $300 in binary options, you can earn $240. To earn $1400 in 20 days, you only need to make two successful trades every day, investing $50 each. The amount of your income depends on the amount invested, allowing you to control your earnings.
What is the best way to buy binary options?
Before buying a binary option, it is critical to conduct a detailed analysis of the selected asset in order to predict its future price as accurately as possible - whether it will rise or fall in a certain period. For such analysis, you should use a variety of sources, including analytical articles, technical analysis, opinions of binary options experts and data from economic calendars. Avoid investing in binary options without a thorough preliminary analysis or solely based on subjective feelings.

Quotex Reviews

Apr. 4, 2024
Super cool
Quotex has surpassed all my anticipations. Although I am a novice in options trading, their demo account facilitated my rapid grasp of the fundamentals, allowing me to transition to actual trading successfully. I am extremely content with the high trade profitability of up to 95%, which is truly remarkable. The round-the-clock support and dedicated personal manager deserve special acknowledgment for their convenience and utility!
Apr. 3, 2024
A little short of perfect.
Overall, I am satisfied with working with Quotex. The platform is intuitive, a lot of useful tools and good trading conditions. The only thing I don't like is the limited selection of cryptocurrencies. If they added more options for crypto, it would be perfect. Otherwise, a great broker for beginners and experienced traders.
Mar. 29, 2024
It's a godsend
Quotex has exceeded all my expectations. I am new to options trading, but thanks to their demo account, I quickly learnt the basics and started making real money. Very happy with the profitability of trades, reaching 95% - that's impressive. Special thanks for the 24/7 support and personal manager, it's really convenient and useful!
Mar. 21, 2024
Best broker
I have been using Quotex for six months now and it has been my best choice in the world of options trading! I am impressed by the simplicity of the interface and the variety of tools. I made a minimum deposit and I already have decent results. The support team is always on the phone, they help me promptly. I recommend to everyone who wants to start safely and effectively!
Feb. 25, 2024
For those looking for reliability
I recently started working with Quotex broker and have already managed to appreciate its reliability and ease of use. I was particularly impressed by the fast withdrawal of funds - sometimes in just 5 minutes, which was a pleasant surprise for me. The registration process is simple, and the design of the platform is concise and practical, without unnecessary elements. Quotex offers high payout percentages on assets, which makes trading here especially profitable. I should add that two-factor authorization for account protection is a big plus in terms of security. All in all, Quotex is a great choice for trading and I recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and profitable broker.
February 10, 2024
Quotex was good for me.
Quotex is just what you need for a beginner. I started a year ago, I trade for fun after work without any goals for earnings, but 4 times I withdrew 10,000, there were no problems, 3 times I deposited smaller amounts, so far in the plus. I make minimal bets, maybe that's why there is no sense of risk and nervousness. As a psychological release - excellent, as earnings - I do not know, maybe someone will suit, but you need to bet more than I bet. Good luck in trading
January 22, 2024
Functionality 5+
Quotex offers convenient functionality and reliable technical support. However, the high level of minimum deposit can be an obstacle for beginners.
January 19, 2024
Started from scratch and I haven't regretted it
Excellent platform for beginner traders. Low minimum deposit and tutorials help to understand trading. The disadvantage is the lack of cooperation with regulatory authorities.
January 15, 2024
Comfort broker
At Quotex I like the user-friendly interface, ease of use and fast withdrawals. However, I note the lack of a large selection of assets for trading.